Many ways to success

Income with system

Whoever starts out as a franchise partner will receive detailed induction, because understanding and confidence in dealing with products, customers and earning opportunities is the very first step we take. This is the only way to ensure that your recommendations quickly lead to the first customers and new partners in your organisation. And this increases your income. Because they do not only earn from direct or indirect product sales: they receive remuneration for successful partner development, participate in sales in your network and, last but not least, receive special payments in the form of monthly lifestyle bonuses and leadership bonus payments for reaching various career stages.

Each franchise partner has a multitude of options open to them in order to achieve ambitious goals.

The UNICITY opportunities and products can be made known through direct recommendation from person to person or through WE Online systems. Mature concepts for party sales and specialised lectures are further popular ways of simultaneously bringing the advantages closer to a larger audience.

Who selects in addition a suitable speech for multiplicator contacts, secures here already existing customer bases. An optimal channel to move regularly and surely many products and to spread the business model on professional level further



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